By now surely you know that LMFAO is performing Friday, March 12th, at the Orpheum theater. tickets can be found here: http://www.ppeevents.com/

Let’s get on to my two favorite LMFAO remixes though.

1) La La La (Hypercrush Remix)-LMFAO

I’ll be honest. To this day I am still yet to hear the original to this song. This remix is more than enough for me though. The chorus is infectuous, and there is something familiar about it…Something that will have you singing along with it the second time you hear the cut, especially if you have a couple shots of Patron in you. Hypercrush almost steals the show with her verse, which really fits into the song perfectly.

(click here to download) (Mulq Highly Reccomends)

2) Let the Bass Miami Bitch-LMFAO

As you can tell by the terribly hashed together title, this is a Mash-up. Thankfully the song works a lot better than the title. Chuckie’s “Let the Bass Kick” has been remixed to death, but this is probably my favorite one. LMFAO’s vocals sync perfectly with the nice little build-up at 1:22 also.

(click here to download)

don’t forget to buy your tickets before they run out. it’s going to be a night to remember



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